About transversal

Transversal is a service company in computer engineering (SSII) that makes sure to understand the operational context of your company, your markets and the expectations of your customers.

Our thorough knowledge of open and proprietary systems is a real guarantee of satisfaction for you. It is led by a network engineer with years of experience in the study and deployment of corporate networks, Internet services, ISP POPs, UNIX systems, etc. He is assisted by experienced technicians and engineers and a group of independent experts and specialists.

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While assisting any local or international organization in their training projects, transversal is active in the training of trainers in the universities and technical schools of Haiti for the setting up of new training centers within of the country's ten departments. Our trainings are open to the general public: Download our calendar

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Transversal is an innovative operator that offers turnkey high-speed wireless network interconnection solutions. It performs the study, design and hardware solution including installation and maintenance of the networks. Transversal provides high-speed services to all communes in rural areas, mainly in the North, South-East of Haiti, the Centre and the West of Haiti. These localities are white or grey areas so very little or no duall served by the traditional operators.

In addition, transversal has been collaborating for a year with Inveneo in setting up a national wireless backbone to support the deployment of sustainable Internet service and cheaper for organizations that offer essential services-education, of health, economic development-in rural areas in Haiti...

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MerchantPro is a comprehensive platform of electronic voucher services using mobile and cloud technologies in a secure manner.

MerchantPro is an Android POS app used by traders in Haiti to accept mobile money payments such as T-cash and TchoTcho mobile. MerchantPro also integrates an eVoucher component that allows traders to accept which are emitted through the MerchantPro Web application. Several NGOs use the system (CARE/CRS/UNDP) in their conditional money transfer programme.

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Photos taken in Nepal with the use of Mechantpro

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Email address: info@transversal.ht

Address: 38, Route de Canapé Vert, Port-au-Prince

Phone: + 509 37 02 7275